Excellence, integrity, reliability and great to work with is what comes to mind when I think of Parker Brown. They are a team player that works hard to meet the demands of each project and focuses on delivering a superb product. With the complexities found in today's construction projects knowing we can count on the contractor as a partner is priceless.

Gonzalo Pedroso

The DMV opened the doors this month on a new endeavor. We are happy to be a part of their success.

You might have been reading in the news about the state of California’s new effort to provide identification cards for all residents. This legislation caused the DMV to to hurriedly open a number of larger centers. One of those was a former grocery store in Granada Hills.

Owner and Developer Rickey Gelb of the Gelb Group selected Parker Brown to complete the renovation of the 35,000-square-feet Driver’s License Processing Center. Project Manager Tony Coffey took on the project with energy and enthusiasm and Parker Brown’s team met the tough deadline with days to spare.

We earned high praise from Mr. Gelb. DMV3 DMV4

“They know what they are doing,” Gelb said. “They’re honest. They provide cost breakdowns. They explain the pricing in detail. And, of course, the quality of the work is outstanding.

“I’ve been in construction for 40 years and it’s not easy to pull the wool over my eyes.  But these guys make things right and they don’t gouge you if there is a change.”