Pk Architecture has known Parker Brown for 20+ years. They are team players, always willing to work with everybody on the team in order to meet the client’s goals, quality conscious while maintaining budgets. They are the type of contractor who provide solution based construction with an eye on quality and client satisfaction.

Brian R. Poliquin, PK:Architecture

Beatriz Gaspar

Accounts Payable Administrator


Beatriz Gaspar joined the Parker Brown team in 2015. Since joining our team she has advanced from Administrative Assistant to Project Coordinator to Accounts Payable Coordinator. She was born in Mexico and raised in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Beatriz has two children – a boy and a girl. She enjoys reading, dancing and learning.

She loves working at Parker Brown because, “I work with numbers and I enjoy math. It also feels comfortable as I grew up with my dad and brother working in the construction field.”